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In order to use the potential of solar energy, which has started to develop in our country and all over the world, more efficiently and widely, it started to operate in the energy sector in 2020. The rapidly depleted conventional energy resources and the environmental problems that arise as a result of the use of these resources increase the importance of renewable energy. Aden Solar is primarily aware of this situation that affects the quality of life of each individual and tries to increase the solar and other renewable energy potential of our country.In domestic and international projects, grid-connected systems (On-Grid), project design, industrial installation, independent from the grid. battery-powered systems (Off-Grid) provides services to its customers in areas such as solar-powered irrigation systems.

Our Vision & Mission

It aims to meet the energy needs of the planet we live in with clean resources, to spread the use of solar energy, to support the future of humanity with new technologies, and to contribute to the world economy by leading the future generations to leave a habitable nature.